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Community property and divorce asset division

When people in Texas decide to divorce, the financial consequences can be significant. Even after the emotional feelings about the end of the marriage have subsided and the practical matters are resolved, asset division can permanently change each partner's financial...

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How a court decides a child’s best interest

Texas physical custody cases often wind up hinging about the child’s best interest, which is a legal term that carries a lot of weight. The child’s best interests could be widely varied, but the court generally boils it down to three elements. Those are the child’s...

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The different types of child custody in Texas

When issues arise within a family that lead to the separation of both parents, it can place any child in a tough position. This will often lead to a child custody case. A common misconception regarding child custody is that there is only one outcome with the child...

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Divorce and division of retirement assets

If you live in Texas and are getting a divorce, you may need to go through a process of dividing an annuity, an IRA or a 401(k). You may want to consult a financial professional along with your attorney during this process since there can be complex tax implications....

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