If you are in the midst of a divorce in Texas and are negotiating a custody agreement, you may want to heed the advice of the experts. They are now telling parents that the traditional 50-50 custody schedule in which the children alternate weeks between the parents’ homes may not be the best solution for the children. Thus, you should consider different ways of dividing co-parenting time that may be better for the children emotionally.

One of the major problems that your children may face when they alternate weeks is that they will miss you. Practically, this could lead to them developing separation anxiety. At the other end of the spectrum, they could grow detached from you after a long absence. This type of schedule can have an even greater impact on young children.

Another issue that you will have to deal with is that you may have difficulty getting the flexibility that you need to execute the custody agreement from your employer. Sometimes, you will need to either leave work early or come in late in order to do pickups and dropoffs. Not all employers are willing to accommodate that. One of the things that experts are recommending is an arrangement where the children transition more often between the parents’ homes while still maintaining the 50-50 split. While parents may not be accustomed to thinking of custody in this way, they need to keep an open mind.

In order to get the assistance that you need to negotiate and implement a child custody agreement, you should seek the help of a family law attorney. This would become even more necessary if you are seeking an agreement that may be viewed as non-traditional. The attorney may assist you by making suggestions that could give you the custodial time that you want while still being in the best interests of the children. They could then negotiate these terms with the other parent’s attorney.