A contentious divorce in Texas can grind a spouse down emotionally and do damage to their psyche. The stress can be difficult to bear, even if the legal issues are being resolved. Those who are going through the process must learn how to care for themselves throughout so they can preserve their sanity.

In order to maintain a more even disposition, it is crucial to find a personal support network. Even if it is only a handful of people, having someone to listen during this time can mean the difference between emerging from the divorce in decent shape and going through a long-term depression. Friends can be a sounding board or a valuable source of advice. However, a messy divorce will only get worse when the children are involved in the details. It is best to leave them out of it and not force them to take sides.

Activity is also a must during this time. Hobbies can make a positive impact, either by engaging in old ones regularly or even taking up new pursuits. Also, individuals should pay attention to their personal appearance by putting in some effort to keep up their hygiene. Finally, they should avoid the worst possible trap that a divorcing person can fall into: the temptation to point a finger at themselves when the divorce is unfolding. Blaming themselves can delay the recovery from divorce.

Being represented by a family law attorney may also reduce the toll that a messy split can take. A stressful situation is made even worse when the spouse must take part in their own divorce by handling the legal details. Leaving the work to an attorney may help the client focus on themselves when they need to take the time to preserve their sanity.