Divorce Mediation in Dallas, TX

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Our divorce mediation services help reduce the stress and arguments associated with a typical divorce trial. With mediation, the divorcing spouses meet with our attorneys (a neutral third party) to help them come to an agreement on any contested issues.

Our attorney will listen carefully to each spouse, considering each person’s wishes and concerns, and then recommend a compromise that will allow the couple to settle their case without the need for an expensive and lengthy divorce trial.

We’re here to help you resolve all of your disagreements involved with your divorce, including the division of your property, child custody, and child support.

Why should you choose divorce mediation?

  • We can take you from your initial filing to a finalized divorce, without having to visit multiple attorneys
  • We’ll be the sole contact for both spouses, which reduces confusion and miscommunication
  • We’ll help with all of the required paperwork
  • Mediation is much more affordable than typical divorce proceedings
  • Mediation helps reduce emotional and financial conflicts that can destroy your family

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