A family lawyer in Dallas who will fight for your rights

A family lawyer in Dallas who will fight for your rights 2018-02-23T13:34:43+00:00

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If you’re going through a divorce or facing child custody issues, you need an experienced family attorney who will fight for your rights and the rights of your children. At Balekian Hayes PLLC, we haven’t forgotten that the most important thing in family law is caring about our clients. We’ll walk you through all the aspects of your case and help make sure the best possible outcome is achieved. Click on the sections below to learn more about the various areas of family law that we handle, or call us today to schedule a consultation.


Going through any divorce is a hard process, both financially and emotionally. We pride ourselves on assisting you maneuver through the trials and tribulations of a divorce and getting you back on your feet.

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Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a more affordable and less stressful alternative to a typical divorce trial. We act as a neutral third party to help both spouses resolve conflicts and agree on a solution.

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Child Custody

There is nothing more important in life than having time with your children. We promise to work hard to make sure that is exactly what you get.

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CPS Matters

When Child Protective Services walks into your life, your life will be forever changed. We promise to assist you throughout the entire process and to fight for your rights to your children.