In Texas, many women emerge from their divorces in a difficult financial situation because they were not able to anticipate a post-marriage reality. Whether it is from a lack of knowledge or a failure to plan, these divorcees often end up struggling financially for several years.

One of the things that could catch women by surprise is the amount of debt that they’re responsible for after the divorce. If their name was on an indebted account, they’re responsible for the debt, even if they personally did not incur it. In addition, women often overestimate the amount of child support or alimony that they are due and end up disappointed when they learn the actual numbers. Low spousal support often means returning to work in order to make ends meet.

Some soon-to-be ex-wives also assume that they’ll be able to remain in the family home following the divorce. In some cases, either the husband retains the home or the house will have to be sold. Another unpleasant surprise is the cost of health insurance. If a wife is forced off her husband’s policy, she’ll have to get health insurance through other means. Even if there is health insurance through work, the cost could be exceedingly expensive.

A divorce lawyer could help plan for these eventualities so that the client can address them in the divorce agreement as opposed to being caught by surprise after the agreement is signed. With a fair settlement, the ex-spouse may be able to start their life anew after the divorce in a better financial situation.