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Dallas, the heart of Texas, is not just famous for its cowboy hats and rodeos. It’s a city that boasts a rich culinary scene, especially when it comes to pizza. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, if you’re on the hunt for the best family-friendly pizza joints in Dallas, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive into some of the top pizza places that are not only delicious but also kid-friendly and within a 30-minute drive of Dallas.

Andrew’s American Pizza Kitchen

Andrew’s aims to be a little bit of everything for everyone. This family-friendly pizza spot in Plano serves Chicago, New York, and Detroit-style pies—all the American classics. Plus, it has a unique formula it calls the Dallas-style pizza. It’s straightforward, with something for almost any kind of pizza the crew could want.

Cane Rosso

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll love Cane Rosso if you’re in the Metroplex. Its Neapolitan-style pies cooked in wood-fired ovens are light, crispy, and topped with inventive flavors, from bacon marmalade to barbecue pineapple to a Calabrian chile béchamel.


Charlie Green imported a pizzaiolo from Naples and opened Olivella’s in University Park in 2007. It’s still going strong. Must-tries include the black truffle pizza or the Snow White, made with mozzarella, ricotta, and garlic.

Pizzana Dallas Knox Street

Los Angelinos have been enjoying the pizza partnership between Candace Nelson of Sprinkles Cupcakes and chef Daniele Uditi for a while. When they brought their ovens to Dallas, the city got the chance to indulge in those fancy pies. The pizza quickly became a favorite, both for the crust that is fermented for 48 hours and for the inventive, fresh toppings.


Sfuzzi is back in town and has recreated some of the restaurant’s ‘80s and ‘90s favorites, including the Breakfast Pizza with a sunny-side-up egg, prosciutto, bacon, and cherry tomatoes. The showstopper is the Sausage Rustica, made with sausage from Jimmy’s Italian, sweet roasted red peppers, and caramelized onions.

Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza Turtle Creek

The star at Mister O1 is its star-shaped pizza with a ricotta-filled crust. It’s worth the trip to try this crispy, thin crust, with top-notch ingredients, and loads of cheese.

Zalat Pizza Fitzhugh Dallas

This local, irreverent late-night pizza chain pays homage to its founder’s Vietnamese roots with pies, including the Pho Shizzle, topped with caramelized onions, hoisin sauce, and chicken.

Thunderbird Pies

From the minds behind Cane Rosso and Zoli’s comes Thunderbird Pizza. It serves Detroit-style pies, which feature Wisconsin brick cheese layered edge-to-edge on the buttery, crispy, chewy crust. If you’re a fan of pineapple on pizza, try the Island Boi, which also features Canadian bacon, red onions, jalapeno, bacon, and habanero honey.

Poco Fiasco

This martini and pizza spot in the Harwood District is heavy on creativity. It is the spot for toppings and cocktails that are a little out of the ordinary. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a Brooklyn-style pizzeria, and there are screens to watch whatever game is on.

Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Oak Cliff is a must for thin-crust enthusiasts. Meat lovers go for the Pig Smiley, topped with Benton’s country ham, local honey, and Eno’s spicy sausage.

Dallas, with its vibrant culinary scene, offers a plethora of options for pizza lovers. From Neapolitan to Detroit-style, there’s a slice for everyone. As you explore these family-friendly pizza joints, you’re not just biting into a piece of pizza; you’re experiencing a slice of Dallas’s rich culinary tapestry. Happy pizza hunting!

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