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High-Asset Property Division and More in Divorce

Divorcing couples with extensive wealth face a unique challenge. Besides the emotions of ending their marriage and responsibilities of finding solutions to their child custody and child support issues, they must split up expensive assets that each of them has a 50% claim to. Without strong representation from an experienced divorce attorney, you could end up with a far smaller portion of the property than you deserve under the law.

Fortunately, Balekian Hayes, PLLC, is prepared to help stop that from happening. Our attorneys know how to settle the distribution of the most valuable and complex assets, as well as large debts. We will take the mystery out of the high asset divorce process for you with frequent communication and honest, practical advice.

Proven, Customized Solutions To Your Asset Division Issues

When you get divorced, you must divide your assets with your former spouse. In Texas, you are not subject to equitable distribution law as in other states. Each of you owns your community property 50/50, so you must find a way to distribute the assets fairly evenly.

Our lawyers can help you with high net worth assets like:

  • High Net Worth Divorce

    Ownership interest in a business
  • Retirement accounts and investments
  • Real estate, including the family home
  • Artwork, antiques, and family heirlooms

We are capable of settling asset division involving all levels of wealth and complexity. That starts with obtaining accurate valuations of all your community property and factoring in possible spousal support payments. With that information, as well as your stated preferences, we negotiate creatively and persuasively with your spouse’s attorneys. Our goal is to help you decide what property matters most to you, give you a clear picture of what to expect, and do everything possible to keep your financial future bright.

Get Honest Answers To Your Questions About High Asset Divorce

For more information about how we assist high net worth clients to keep their share of the community property and help business owners keep their companies intact after divorce, call Balekian Hayes, PLLC, at  214-828-2800 and schedule an appointment. Our office is in Dallas, Texas.