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Same-Sex Family Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Now that same-sex marriage has been legal in Texas for several years, it is more clear than ever that everyone deserves equal rights in family law – including when it is time for divorce. The board-certified family law specialists at Balekian Hayes, PLLC, are here to serve the Dallas area’s LGBTQ community with experienced representation and straightforward advice.

Our same-sex family lawyers will help you get through your divorce with dignity while maintaining your property and parental rights. Same-sex divorces frequently involve unique challenges, but we know what it takes to handle these to meet our clients’ individual needs.

What Sets Gay And Lesbian Divorce Apart?

Among the issues that same-sex couples often must deal with in divorce that are relatively rare for straight couples, there are:

  • Determining property division for couples that have been together for decades, but only married in the past few years
  • Child custody and child support for cases where only one spouse is the children’s biological or legal parent
  • For couples who married in another state where same-sex marriage was legal, reaching an accurate length of the marriage

We will explain how these issues apply to your divorce and create a strategy based on the needs of you and your children. We are experienced with complex property division, spousal support claims and child custody disputes.

Because they married relatively late in life, many LQBTQ individuals brought a great deal of wealth into their marriage. To protect themselves, they created a prenuptial agreement before getting married. We can help you enforce the terms of your prenup or challenge one you believe is invalid.

Divorce Representation From A Board-Certified Specialist

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