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Divorce in Dallas, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

When entering into a divorce, most people have a full list of questions and concerns.

Below are some of the most popular questions, answered by a divorce lawyer in Dallas TX:

Do I Need To Hire A Big Law Firm For My Divorce Case To End Well?

No. As a small family law firm, we are able to give each of our client’s cases the personal attention that larger firms generally cannot. And as a firm led by lawyers board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, we provide you with as much legal skill and experience in family law as any firm in North Texas.

Do My Spouse And I Have To Split Our Assets 50/50?

Texas is one of just nine states with community property divorce laws. In community property states, assets and debts deemed community property are equally owned by each spouse. Figuring out which assets are community property and which are separate property is crucial before you can reach a fair settlement.

Is It True That Child Custody Law Is Biased Against Fathers?

It is against the law in Texas for a family court judge to rule in favor of the mother just because she is female. Legally, the child’s best interests are the primary concern, whether that means shared custody between the parents or granting sole custody to the fittest parent. Of course, every case is unique. We will fight for your custodial and noncustodial parental rights, regardless of your gender.

There Is No Custody Agreement In Place And My Child’s Mother Has Taken The Kids. What Should I do?

You should contact a family lawyer immediately. Your children’s safety could be at stake.

Will I Have To Testify Against My Ex In Court?

It is very unlikely. The vast majority of divorce cases settle out of court. Those that end up before the judge often involve highly complex property division or child custody disputes. But those tend to be unusual.

More Questions About Divorce And Family Law?

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