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On Your Side During Divorce

The divorce process can be one of the hardest times in your life. This is why you need an experienced divorce attorney in your corner to listen and fight for you. At Balekian Hayes, PLLC, we understand the stress and emotions involved in a divorce, and we help you handle the situation properly and make the right decisions. Don’t fight your divorce case alone. We are on your side. To schedule your consultation and begin your legal strategy, call our firm today. 

Balekian Hayes, PLLC is not a “churn and burn” firm where the team focuses on the volume of cases. By handling a smaller number of cases, we personally invest in the outcome of each family law case and give each the care it deserves. Set up your consultation to find out how we can help you.

What Are Legal Grounds For Divorce In Texas?

Legal Grounds for Divorce in CourtIn Texas, you must allege grounds for your divorce. Your “Grounds” options include:

  • Insupportability – Most filers allege their divorce this way. In its simplest form, it means that the marriage is no longer supportable and/or you are no longer willing to be supportive of it.
  • Adultery – Someone in the marriage has been unfaithful
  • Abandonment – A party in the marriage has left with no intention of returning
  • Severe Mental Disability – At least one party in the marriage has a severe mental disability
  • Imprisonment for Over One Year – A member of the marriage is incarcerated for more than one year
  • Cruel Treatment – One party in the marriage has suffered cruel physical or mental treatment

Once you make the decision to divorce, you must file a Petition for Divorce and the other party must be served. From the date of filing, you must wait at least sixty (60) days before your divorce can be granted. Texas courts call this the “cooling-off period”.

As part of the divorce proceeding, a fair and equitable property division should occur with all community property. Additionally, parties must create a child custody order in a marriage with children. While we always encourage parties to reach an agreement where they can, we side with you when parties cannot reach agreed terms. As your divorce attorney, we advocate for you and what you are entitled to in a Court of Law.

We Offer Affordable & Effective Divorce Solutions to Texas Residents

Dividing property during a divorce is often one of the biggest challenges couples face. Many times, intense emotions and conflicting interests develop, so it is important to have a top-rated Dallas family law attorney on your side. With years of experience protecting the rights of clients who face property division matters, Balekian Hayes, PLLC helps you assess all assets, identify assets as a community or separate property, and ensure you receive your fair share of the community estate.

At Balekian Hayes, PLLC, we keep our client list short in order to best serve their needs. No two cases are the same, so we make sure to take the time needed to fully understand your situation and uncover the right legal strategy. We are here for you. Your concerns are our priority, and we honor the confidentiality of our relationship. When you speak, we listen. Our firm makes sure to return calls promptly and give you a clear picture of the situation you face.  Find out why our client reviews are so positive.

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