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Grandparents’ Visitation And Custody Rights

Grandparents can be a vital part of their grandchildren’s lives as a source of love, affection and wisdom. But divisions within a family can separate grandparents from their grandkids. If you have been caught in this heartbreaking situation, you could have legal options for resuming your relationship and making sure you are there for your grandchildren no matter what.

The attorneys of Balekian Hayes, PLLC, are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We will treat your grandparents’ rights case with compassion and dedication, and we will always give you honest advice about how to proceed.

When Grandparents Must Seek Legal Rights

In Texas, grandparents can go to court to seek visitation rights if it is in the grandchild’s best interests and at least one of the following situations has occurred:

  • The grandchild’s parents are divorced
  • The grandparent has previously lived with the grandchild for at least six months
  • The custodial parent has abused or neglected the grandchild
  • The custodial parent has died or is incarcerated
  • The custodial parent has been found incompetent or lost their parental rights in court

Generally, the law recognizes parents’ right to decide which nonparent relatives get to spend time with their children. As a grandparent, you have no absolute right to visitation time. But it is possible to obtain court-ordered visitation time for many concerned grandparents.

Can Grandparents Get Custody Over The Father Or Mother?

If your grandchild lives with you, you may be able to receive child custody rights, which would obligate the grandchild’s parents to pay you child support. We can help you show the court that you can provide a more stable, safe and loving home than your grandchild’s parents.

Find Out More About Grandparent Visitation

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