When a Texas child wants to change residences between their parents’ homes, it can be a difficult conversation between the child and parent. The parent needs to be extremely careful not to make the situation worse when having this conversation. However, if they have an open exchange of ideas, it can actually build the relationship with the child.

The parent needs to set ground rules for the conversation. While the child must be allowed to express their point of view, it has to be done civilly. At the same time, the parent needs to listen and not take what the child says personally. If the parent can take a deep breath and not panic, they may be able to have a productive conversation with the child that improves their relationship.

Communication is key in this situation. The parent should also speak with the other parent if it is possible and include them in the conversation. They need to be careful not to inflame the situation by badmouthing the other parent to the child. This is a difficult time for the child, who must process their own emotions arising from the divorce. The child needs to be given their own space to deal with things while receiving a listening ear from their parent. When in doubt, a parent should get professional help to assist them with their own reactions.

A parent may also want to get legal help when they find themselves in this situation with a child. The child’s wishes may form the basis for a custody hearing in court, and the parent may need to take part in a custody modification proceeding in front of a judge. A child custody attorney may help their client by representing their position in court as the parent seeks to maintain their relationship with the child.