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Most statistics are clear; couples within Texas and around the country have about a 50% chance of making it through marriage. Those who end up going through a second marriage will tend to have only a 33% chance of making it. As you can clearly see, second or even their marriages are usually no better than the first. So, why do so many of these second/third marriages end? The following includes a list of the most common reasons why couples simply can’t make it work.

Survivor mode

When people go through a divorce, they are likely to go into survivor mode. This means that suddenly what matters is them and them alone. This survivor instinct can often carry into a new marriage. Although it may seem like something useful, it often causes more harm than good. This is because divorcees will now have divorce as a real option and are much more confident about going through it again.

Marrying for the wrong reasons

Having someone by your side for years can be comforting, but it can also make people dependent on others. Oftentimes, people will seek a partner simply to have someone by their side. Marrying, for this reason, is never a good idea and will usually end in a divorce once again.

Ex-spouse is still present

There are cases in which the ex-spouse still remains in the life of the other person. The most common reason is due to sharing custody of their children. This means they are likely to show up at their home to pick up or drop off the children. Unfortunately, when a new partner is introduced to the mix, it can create various issues amongst everyone involved.

Financial issues remain

One of the most common reasons why people divorce is due to complications with their finances. This tension regarding funds will tend to be seen in a second or third marriage. Much of it comes from the additional financial strain that divorce places on a person, especially if there is alimony to be paid.

Going through a second or third divorce is more common than you think. That is why you should always have an attorney at the ready if things don’t quite work out the way you wanted them to.

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