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Children need help understanding a divorce

A divorce can be a difficult event for adults and children alike. However, parents in Texas and across America are encouraged to be open and honest about the fact that their children's lives are about to change. While your child doesn't have to know the exact reason...

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Getting by at work while getting a divorce

Divorce is one of the biggest hardships one can go through in life, topped only by the stress of dealing with the death of a loved one. When going through a separation, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to focus on work. While it is important to keep boundaries...

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Things to consider in a gray divorce

When couples in Texas get divorced after the age of 50, there are different concerns that they may have than if their marriage was dissolving in their younger years. Instead of providing for the children, the primary issue is whether a spouse can retain adequate...

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Keeping sanity during a messy divorce

A contentious divorce in Texas can grind a spouse down emotionally and do damage to their psyche. The stress can be difficult to bear, even if the legal issues are being resolved. Those who are going through the process must learn how to care for themselves throughout...

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