A divorce can be a difficult event for adults and children alike. However, parents in Texas and across America are encouraged to be open and honest about the fact that their children’s lives are about to change. While your child doesn’t have to know the exact reason why the split happened, it is important to point out that he or she did nothing to cause it. Ideally, both parents will break the news of the divorce at the same time.

This may make it easier to assure the child that they will both continue to play an active role in his or her life. It may also minimize the possibility that one parent tries to blame the other for the divorce taking place. When parents fight among themselves, it may make the child feel as if he or she has to choose sides.

Children should be encouraged to articulate their thoughts without fear of hurting or offending their parents. They should also understand that it may take time to process what is happening and that they should feel free to discuss their feelings at any time. While parents cannot change how their children feel about the divorce itself, they should do their best to acknowledge and validate those emotions. This will help a child to feel heard, which is an important step in adjusting to the changes he or she is experiencing.

Individuals who are getting a divorce generally have the right to obtain custody or visitation rights to their kids. They may also be required to pay child support or otherwise provide for their educational, medical and other essential needs. An attorney may help a person learn more about how to create a parenting plan outside of court that preserves the best interests of a child.