Divorces can be tense situations. Couples are worried about how their assets will be divided and about how much time they’ll be able to spend with their kids. These are huge issues that impact people’s lives for years down the road. In Texas, couples who are about to divorce should be aware of how compensation is treated in family court.

The way you’re compensated matters

The world has changed in recent years. Most people don’t work for the same company for 30 years, earn a salary, retire and live off their pension. Work life has become more complicated in many cases, and so has compensation.

For people who are paid salaries, the division of assets is typically simple, but many couples have more complicated situations. These can be closely linked to the way compensation is delivered.

Consider, for example, a university professor. Professors usually don’t make a lot of money, but they get excellent benefits. These can include great health insurance, retirement plans and even housing. The way something like housing is valued in a divorce matters a great deal.

Or, think about people who mostly work for commissions. Sometimes, one party will file for divorce right before a big deal closes. This is an attempt by one spouse to keep most of their commission. However, if most of the work toward the deal was performed during the marriage, that complicates things. The other spouse may have a claim to some portion of that commission.

Choosing an attorney

If you’re facing a complex divorce, you want a family law attorney who’s experienced in handling these kinds of cases. Division of assets can impact everything, from the present up until your retirement years, so you’ll want to choose an attorney to help ensure an equitable outcome.