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Real talk about divorce in Texas

Divorces can be tense situations. Couples are worried about how their assets will be divided and about how much time they'll be able to spend with their kids. These are huge issues that impact people's lives for years down the road. In Texas, couples who are about to...

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Working out a co-parenting plan

Many divorcing couples see divorce as the end of their relationship, but when small children are involved, it is more about redefining the relationship as co-parents. Parenting can be hard, and co-parenting after divorce is no easier, but as long as parents keep the...

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How to make divorce easier

There is no way around the fact that a Texas divorce will be difficult. However, those going through the process can make it easier for themselves. Being methodical and rising above the bitterness are the best starting points for an easier divorce. Perhaps the hardest...

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Filing for divorce from an incarcerated spouse

When a person is incarcerated in Texas, their spouse may decide that it's time to get a divorce. However, to get a divorce in the Lone Star State, certain requirements must be met. First, one spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months prior to filing...

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