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Factors That Can Negatively Impact Your Custody Battle in Texas

Child custody battles are among the most stressful experiences for Texas parents. Family court judges consider numerous aspects of your life to determine what is in the best interest of your child. Understanding what can jeopardize your custody case is as crucial as knowing how to strengthen it.

With the guidance of the Dallas child custody attorneys at Balekian Hayes, PLLC, you can navigate these challenges effectively. Our team provides the support you need to avoid critical mistakes and successfully manage the legal process. Here are some key factors that could negatively impact your custody case.

Criminal Record

Any history of criminal behavior, especially if it involves violence, theft, or any form of abuse, can be used to question your ability to provide a safe environment for your child.

Substance Abuse

Evidence of current or past drug or alcohol abuse can severely undermine your case. The court will consider this as a risk to the child’s safety and well-being.

Mental Health Issues

Untreated or poorly managed mental health conditions that could impair your ability to care for your child can be detrimental. Demonstrating that you are seeking treatment and managing your condition effectively is crucial.

Domestic Violence

Any history or accusations of domestic violence can heavily impact the court’s decision, as it directly concerns the safety of the child.

Financial Instability

While not the sole factor, financial instability such as unemployment, excessive debt, or inability to provide for the child’s basic needs can be a negative factor in a custody battle.

Living Conditions

Judges will evaluate the stability and suitability of your living environment. Frequent relocations, inadequate housing, or living with individuals who might pose a risk to the child can be used against you.

Parental Conduct

Lack of involvement in your child’s life, such as being absent from important activities, education, or healthcare, can be seen as neglecting parental responsibilities.

Engaging in behaviors that alienate the child from the other parent or refusing to cooperate in co-parenting can also harm your case.

Negative Influence from Third Parties

The presence of individuals in your home who might negatively influence or pose a threat to the child’s well-being can be a concern for the court.

Poor Communication and Cooperation with the Other Parent

The ability to communicate and cooperate with the other parent is vital. A lack of effort to maintain a cooperative relationship can be seen as not acting in the child’s best interest.

Child’s Wishes

While the child’s preferences can be considered, especially if they are older, the court will evaluate whether those wishes are reasonable and in the child’s best interest.

How Our Dallas Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You Present a Strong Case

At Balekian Hayes, PLLC, our experienced Dallas child custody lawyers understand the complexities and emotional stress of custody disputes. We are dedicated to helping you present the strongest possible case by leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in Texas family law. Here’s how we can support you through this challenging process:

Comprehensive Case Analysis

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your situation, identifying all aspects that could impact your case, both positively and negatively. This includes evaluating your living conditions, financial stability, mental and physical health, and your relationship with your child.

Strategic Planning

Based on our detailed analysis, we develop a strategic plan tailored to your unique circumstances. This plan addresses potential challenges head-on and highlights your strengths as a parent. Our goal is to present you in the best possible light to the court.

Guidance on Positive Interactions

A crucial factor in custody cases is the ability to maintain a positive and cooperative relationship with the other parent. We provide guidance on how to communicate effectively and constructively with your co-parent. This includes advice on sharing important information about your child, being flexible with scheduling, and making joint decisions in the best interest of your child.

Mitigating Negative Factors

We help you identify any factors that could negatively impact your case and work with you to address and mitigate these issues. Whether it involves managing mental health concerns, improving financial stability, or demonstrating a stable home environment, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Legal Advocacy

Our lawyers are skilled advocates who will represent you vigorously in court. We prepare and present compelling evidence to support your case, emphasizing your ability to provide a safe, stable, and loving environment for your child.

Emotional Support and Professional Advice

We understand that a custody battle is not just a legal challenge but also an emotional one. Our team provides compassionate support and practical advice to help you stay focused and resilient throughout the process.

Contact Our Dallas Child Custody Attorneys Now for Help

Taking the right steps to protect your child’s interests and secure a favorable outcome in your custody dispute begins with partnering with a capable attorney. The team at Balekian Hayes, PLLC possesses the in-depth knowledge and experience you need during this critical time.

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