Texas divorces that are not amicable from the start may reach a critical decision point at some time during the process. Specifically, couples will need to decide whether to continue working towards a resolution or to proceed to a divorce trial. Before electing for a trial, they need to be aware of the costs of that approach.

The first cost that people face in a divorce trial is the obvious financial one. Divorce trials can be expensive, even if they are not extensive or complex. Anytime a litigant goes to court with a lawyer, the costs can add up quickly. Nonetheless, there are situations where a party cannot receive a reasonable offer without either a trial or the threat of it.

There are other costs to a trial that extend beyond money, too. Litigation is always stressful for those involved as the prospect of going into court frightens many people. In addition, going to trial can also mean that there is a permanent rupture in the relationship with the other spouse. If there are children involved, this can be detrimental for them as a functioning co-parenting relationship is often preferred. However, people often find themselves forced into a trial even if it is not the path that they would choose because of the recalcitrance of the other party.

A family law attorney may be able to help their client work their way out of an impasse in a manner that could help them avoid a trial. If litigation is necessary, the attorney could represent their client in court in an attempt to obtain a favorable resolution of the dispute. In any event, the attorney might advise their client as to the costs of going to trial and whether it is worth it to take the case to court for a decision.