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Avoid needless fights in the divorce process

In Texas, a divorce has a greater likelihood of ending up in court when the two parties provoke each other during the process. Taking the high road is a vital thing to do while the issues are being worked out because people tend to litigate more when they are...

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Try these strategies for a smoother divorce

Texas divorces can generally end in one of two ways. Either the parties are able to reach an agreement after negotiating, or the divorce will end up in court. The strategies that the spouses use during the process will have a direct impact on whether the divorce can...

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10 Tips for Building a Blended Family

National Family Day is Thursday, Sept. 26 Did you know that nearly 75 percent of Americans who divorce each year will ultimately find themselves remarried and starting a blended family? Nearly 113.6 million Americans have step-relationships. We all know that quality...

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